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Hassey caught a perfect game for Len Barker with Cleveland in 1981 and left Oakland just in time to join the Expos and catch a perfect game for Dennis Martinez in 1991 before retiring: Hassey’s the only guy to catch two perfect games.  Which brings up the question: how much credit does a catcher deserve for catching a perfect game?  Hassey also caught the A’s near-perfect game on May 26 against the Yankees.

Hassey’s best season came in 1985 with the Yankees: .296 with a .509 slugging percentage on 13 homers and 16 doubles in about a half season. His reward was to get traded to the White Sox on December 12, essentially for Britt Burns, a promising starter age 26 whose hip problems kept him from ever pitching in the majors again, then get traded back to the Yankees next February 13, then get traded back to the White Sox on July 30, 1986. He still managed to put up a .406 OBP in 1986. With the A’s, he was a backup to Terry Steinbach: in 1989 he was a frequent late-inning replacement for Steinbach, especially late in the year, when Steinbach’s legs were presumably getting weary.


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