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If you’re like me, you grew up familiar with the Humm Baby Roger Craig who seemed to be a cheery elderly uncle for the motley Giants crew, knew how to guide them toward excellence, and was always optimistic. But here’s a shot of him when he was on the other side, pitching for the Dodgers in 1959. This is Craig juggling some baseballs while waiting to find out whether the Dodgers would play the Milwaukee Braves in a three-game playoff for the pennant. He’d pitched a complete-game, 1-run game against the Cubs to put the Dodgers in position for the playoff.



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This cover of a book Jose Canseco and Dave McKay put together after the ’89 season had ended, talking about Strength Training for Baseball:


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A page from the World Series program that presented pictures of half the A’s roster.

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Dave Duncan


Dave, a solid catcher for the start of the A’s dynasty of the ’70s, played an active part in the growth of the players’ union as the A’s team representative. He rejoined the A’s as their pitching coach in ’86.

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Barry Weinberg


Barry, who served as the A’s trainer, is pictured here on the left in his capacity as trainer for the Cardinals. He was the A’s trainer from 1982 through 1997, before joining Tony La Russa in St. Louis in 1998.

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Art Kusnyer


Art, a backup catcher for several A.L. teams in the ’70s, was initially drafted by the White Sox. He returned to the team in 1980 as its bullpen coach, then began filling the same role for the A’s in ’89.

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Dave McKay


Dave, a utility infielder for the first Blue Jays teams, contributed two hits and the go-ahead RBI to help them win their first game ever in 1977. A Vancouver, B.C., native, he was the A’s first-base coach.

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